Bringing Transparency to Web3:, the Web3 Search Engine

Illustration of a user exploring web3 tokens in the metaverse

Three years ago, we started Neeva to create user-focused search and discovery. Our goal has been to bring back the focus of search to serving users, rather than advertisers. In the process of doing this, we analyze trillions of queries and billions of web pages to bring the best answers for our users.

Whether it’s or, Neeva’s goal is to make all of the world’s information available to everyone with a strong user-first focus. is an experiment bringing the same user-first ethos of Neeva search to web3. We realized there is limited access to fast, reliable blockchain data along with the context needed to interpret it. There are so many great companies and entities building in web3, but we also heard a yearning for a simple, fast service that just works. Getting at data from the blockchain in conveniently consumable ways is still hard for too many people, including developers.

Last month, a small team of five at Neeva began working on Since then, we have stood up nodes in multiple blockchains, extracted data from them, combined that with off-chain data from IPFS and the web, created data processing pipelines, and used our search serving stack to deliver a new experience on We created this system from scratch with our own code and systems to end up with an experience that is literally faster than the blink of an eye! We currently support NFTs on Ethereum, but are hoping to bring on Polygon, Avalanche and Solana in the coming weeks.

While we built this minimum viable product in just a few weeks, we want to work with the community to help evolve it. More equitable sharing of value, decentralization (with a corresponding decrease in central control), and putting users first are the hallmarks of great web3 projects and these values are very much aligned with Neeva’s principles. For, we know that true success is only created by working alongside the web3 community. We look forward to working with the community of developers, artists, collectors and more to help us evolve our product offerings on

Even more importantly, we are excited by the prospect of creating APIs, widgets and bots to make and more crypto data available at everybody’s fingertips! (For anyone interested, join our Discord to be an early participant and influential voice in this direction!) We are imagining thoughtful ways in which we can share the value we hope to create together.

The web is where it is today because of decentralized communication protocols (smtp, tcp, http and more) and a willingness to share knowhow and data. Unfortunately, the seas have gotten a lot murkier in the meanwhile with gatekeepers and exploiters everywhere. We look forward to creating a true open ocean of information that can lead to more opportunity and value creation for the whole ecosystem. And we believe that Neeva, with our user and product principles along with an unparalleled team and industry-leading technology, has a meaningful role to play in advancing the ecosystem.

Check out, follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord to be a voice in our community!